Easy Method of Screen Recording for PC 

It is now an easy task to record some portion or whole screen of your PC using smart technology. To do that, you won’t have to hire professional technicians or engineers. You are the boss to do the instant screen recording for monitoring and game-capturing purposes. You need a straightforward guide on how to do the prompt video recording

 Pros of Screen Recorder for PC 

  • On-demand tutorials or coaching sessions can be instantly recorded
  • Without permission, it is easy to track employees by capturing live video conference 
  • The time saving by opting for the fast screen capturing to manage a busy work schedule 

Features of Screen Recorder for PC

  • Scroll your screen instantly while editing your screens on pc 
  • Add extra content like short captions, emoticons, and memes to the recorded videos 
  • The noise reduction feature is helpful for you to make your screens free of outward hustle
  • Screen recorder for pc filters the screens to enhance the natural color resolution in HD mode 
  • Quick photo and video screen editing 
  • Easy to remove the junk portion using the screen recorder for PC

How to Record Zoom Meeting?-Tech Guide 

If you are a host or an invitee, you can record a Zoom meeting. It is an upgraded version of capturing local events, online video conferences, and chat shows in a shortcut way. Your Zoom meeting screens are stored on the cloud computing system. Any time you can access your recorded screens to check and share with other devices. 

There is online training to guide you how to record zoom meeting with or without permission. As a host, you have permission to record the screens of the Zoom meeting. As a participant, you are also able to capture the Zoom meeting with permission. You need a technical guide from your superiors to do live coverage of the conference or face-to-face Zoom meeting. 

What to Consider?

  • It is necessary to check the audio system such as the external microphone system 
  • Share large active screen with audio speaker 

As a host, you are also allowed to do the screen recording on zooming mode. You need to know about the shortcut steps of how to record zoom meeting.


  • Open the Zoom desktop app 
  • Click your mouse on the Setting Gear option
  • Then take your mouse cursor to the screen recording section 
  • Tune up the screen to the zoom mode for better recording 
  • There are two options –stop and pause 
  • You need to choose the allow option to run the app for screen recording
  • After the limited period, the recording session will reach the end
  • Push the button of stop to pack up the screen recording session. 


Practical free demos and trials give you an overview of how to do screen recording step by step. The audience should have the patience to learn and then try to record the Zoom meeting. The screens are recorded for future reference. Often, experts recommend Powerpoint’s screen recording software for capturing Zoom meetings. By talking to experienced technical consultants, you will be knowledgeable about the easy methods of screen recording. 


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