Essential Qualities To Look Out For In A Chauffeur Service

If you are a business traveler and you wish to rent a car with driver in Riyadh, here are the specific qualities that will help you identify and differentiate a professional chauffeur service from the rest of the crowd;

  1. Professionalism: A chauffeur service must display professionalism at every point of contact from the first meeting to the end of your trip. This means having well-groomed drivers, a wide range of spotless and well-maintained vehicles, and an excellent customer service system. They must be able to give you a good first impression by attending to your needs with keen attention to detail.
  1. Safety standards: The roads are not always in the best driving conditions as there could be several distractions such as potholes, reckless drivers, and even adverse weather conditions. Although most of these elements are beyond our control, a car that is well-maintained and driven by a driver with a high level of experience will be able to minimize the risk of accidents. Choose a chauffeur service from a company with a high safety rating and positive reviews. A good example of such a company is One Click Drive.
  1. Luxurious fleet: A good chauffeur service company must prioritize the safety as well as the comfort of its clients. This is evident in their fleet of immaculate luxurious cars such as luxury SUVs, Sedans, and sports cars. Other additions like free wifi, entertainment systems, climate control, and soft leather seats should be available to ensure optimal comfort of their clients. 
  1. Tailored service: A great chauffeur service pays attention to customers’ needs and preferences and provides a tailored service solution to them. They should also offer extra services such as VIP treatments, onboard drinks, and concierge support. Whatever your need may be, whether you require an airport transfer or an event shuttle, a professional chauffeur service must be able to provide that without a hassle.
  1. Availability and flexibility: A chauffeur service must be readily available to attend to your needs. For example, if you need to make last-minute reservations, or wish to alter your schedule, it shouldn’t be a problem for them since they have a driver on standby at all times. They should also be able to guarantee that your demands are satisfied quickly regardless of what your changes may be. 
  1. Transparent pricing and billing: A dependable chauffeur service has transparent prices for all their services. They should not have hidden charges and must update their price information when necessary. Before booking your next chauffeur service, you should find out more about the company’s billing procedure and accepted forms of payment and ensure to do your research regarding the company to avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to payment.


Hiring a car with a driver offers several advantages over other forms of transportation, and surprisingly, it is not as expensive as you might think. Generally, Riyadh rent a car prices range from $20- $60 per day and a little higher when you include a driver. Whether you are in Riyadh for business purposes or tourism, having a reliable driver to take you wherever you want to go is a different kind of comfort.


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