Everything You Need to Know about Kokoa TV

Streaming platforms are becoming more popular every day and thus, numerous options are available nowadays. To satisfy the needs of customers and provide them with good content is what made platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc., popular. One of the emerging platforms in streaming services is Kokoa TV

Most people are opting for this platform to ensure that they have access to the best shows in the world. It is quite user-friendly and offers a range of options involving local stations, 150+ channels, numerous shows and movies to stream, etc. Your one-stop solution to all streaming problems is this live and on-demand TV. 


There are numerous movies available on this streaming platform for people to watch. The choices range from old movies like The Godfather which was released in 1972 to movies that were released in 2023 such as Detective Knight, Love & Death, etc. Also, people can get several movies from various OTT platforms here. These would include original TV series as well as reruns of the greatest hits. 

TV series 

Some of the most popular TV series available on this platform consist of Stranger Things, Queens Gambit, The Crown, etc. There are more options available for people to choose from which also include numerous Korean TV shows and dramas that have become quite popular in the world. 

With award-winning shows and movies, Kokoa TV is one of the best upcoming streaming platforms that people need to subscribe to. Apart from their original stuff, people will have access to shows and movies that are available on platforms like HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+, etc. This is why more and more people are opting for a subscription to Kokoa TV as they can get everything in one streaming platform instead of having to pay for every different streaming site. 

Activating an account on this streaming platform

People need to understand that before they can start watching TV series or movies on this platform, they need to simply create an account and pay the subscription fees. Creating a profile is quite an easy task as people can go through a step-by-step guide for activating Kokoa TV

Creating account 

The first thing an individual would have to do is visit the official site from where they can stream their favorite shows. The homepage comes with an option of “Sign Up”; clicking on this option will open a form that an individual would require filling out. 

The information one would need to provide includes an email address that is valid, username, password, etc. Also, one will have to set up a security question to complete this form. One thing an individual has to keep in mind is that his/her username should be unique and suitable. 

Choosing available plans 

People need to choose a payment plan to start their Kokoa TV subscriptions. There are a few options available and a user can choose something according to his/her suitability. The first option is a basic plan that would cost around $4.99 per month; this allows complete access to this streaming site. Users of this plan can stream on only one screen at a time and enjoy SD-quality movies and shows. 

By paying $9.99 a month people will have access to a better quality and quantity of movies and shows in full HD quality. Lastly, people paying $14.99 a month will have access to the Premium plan. It provides people with the ability to stream content in 4k Ultra HD. Apart from a vast content library, it will also allow people to enjoy news and live sports. In addition, people can watch shows on 4 different screens simultaneously. 

Note: Before diving into the plans, to check out this platform, people can opt for a 7-day trial first! 

Start streaming and personalize your profile 

After making the payment, people can start streaming and watch the content that they want. However, to ensure enjoying personalization, people would be required to complete their profile details. It will assist in providing better recommendations according to your liking. Moreover, once a profile is completed, a user can download any content he/she likes to watch offline if he/she wishes to. 

Supported devices 

To enhance the user experience, Kokoa TV supports various devices when it comes to streaming. Some of the devices available for streaming content comprise: 

Computers and laptops: Be it a Windows PC or Mac, people can stream content easily from this website with ease as long as an individual has access to the internet. 

Smart TVs: To enjoy a fully immersive 4K Ultra HD viewing, most people prefer watching content on their smart TVs. 

Smartphones: With most browsing and watching videos on phones becoming the norm, people can visit and watch anything they like on their smartphones too. 

Hence, if you are looking for a complete package when it comes to streaming content online, then nothing is better than opting for this streaming site!


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