Things to know about Midwestern Pet Food Settlement

Class action lawsuits are standard in numerous countries due to factors such as quality degradation, health effects, etc. One of the settlements that most people are opting for is claims made from Midwestern Pet Food by customers. The company is paying compensation for any injury that an animal has suffered. To learn about this class action litigation settlement, you can simply visit

However, before you file a claim, there are several aspects that you should know about this lawsuit. Hence, one should simply go through the information that is given below. It will help in understanding about filing this claim as well as settlement details and more. 

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What to expect from a settlement? 

Settlement is for people who will submit the claim with ample proof such as invoices, receipts, etc. When the claim is settled people will get a reimbursement, where the entire amount they have spent on items manufactured by Midwestern Pet Food company. However, people who submit a claim without any proof will receive a renumeration of $25 for each bag and it is capped at $50. This means people will receive remuneration for just 2 bags max. 

This settlement also considered injury claims that a pet might have suffered due to the usage of such products. People who can submit appropriate documentation in the form of vet records, invoices, actual expenditure evidence, and more will be reimbursed completely after documented claims are approved. Also, people will get a reimbursement for future expenditures that might be the result of using said products from Midwestern Pet Food. is the settle website that shares information that injury claims of pets are available for the maximum amount of $150k. The settlement fund is $6.3 million; it also states that valid claims of consumers whose settlement is capped at $150k will have an opportunity for added funds if there is extra money left in this fund after the payout. It means people will get more depending on how many people apply for this settlement and how much money remains after everyone’s initial claim amount is settled. 

People who submit a claim without proper documentation will be paid $75 maximum for a pet that was ill; however, didn’t die due to using said product. If a pet is dead then a pet owner will be paid $150. 

Rules for a breeder would be different; breeders would have to file with adequate documentation. It should consist of a federal, state, or commercial license or permit for breeding. Also, they will have to prove that such a license was valid when a pet was sick, injured, or dead. 

Now if this settlement value fails to support valid claims entirely then purchase and pet injury claims will be lower depending on pro rata. The details of this can be discussed with settlement agents or simply heading over to

If there is money left in the settlement claim account after payment of all fees, expenses and valid claims, then the settlement amount will be changed. It means that depending on how much money is left after all the expenses and other payments, people can get up to the original valuation three times according to the website. 

Who is covered in this settlement? 

This settlement will cover all individuals who reside in the USA and have purchased products that were manufactured by Midwestern Pet Food. This coverage is applicable primarily to those products that were recalled during 30th December 2020, 11th January and 26th March 2021. People who are confused as to whether they will be covered in this claim settlement should contact the settlement agent quickly. In addition, people can also visit the official settlement website for more details. 

Products covered under the settlement 

The complete list of the products is provided on the official site of Midwestern Pet Foods company. Products mentioned in that list are covered in this lawsuit settlement. A total of 130 items were recalled; these comprise Unrefined, Pro Pac, Earthborn Holistic, Sportmix, etc. are covered in this settlement deal. 

Starting of this lawsuit 

Several lawsuits were filed against Midwestern Pet Foods due to their products. Most foods were contaminated with salmonella and aflatoxins at a high level which are considered to be severely harmful to pets.

The pet owners filed cases after this company recalled various products voluntarily to ensure no more harm was suffered by pets. This is how the lawsuits started and reached the settlement aspect. Later, other pet owners were allowed to join this lawsuit by the court whose pets were affected by the products sold by this organization. Thus, the site was setup for keeping people in the loop. 

Current settlement status 

In the current scenario, the court has decided on final settlement approval. In this stage, claim forms are being processed correctly to get them approved as soon as possible. Payment will take place once every claim is approved and processed. The amount of the settlement will vary from person to person depending on the pet’s current status. Also, the amount might be reduced; however, this will solely depend on the number of total valid claims people have submitted for this lawsuit.  

To know about the settlement and other payment status people should visit till they are reimbursed for their losses. Also, other details related to this settlement can be found on the official settlement website from Midwestern Pet Foods. 

These are some of the things that you need to know about the Midwestern Pet Foods lawsuit and settlement details. This claim is a way to get compensated for losses including sickness, injury, or death of a pet due to products of certain batches that had some issues like salmonella and such. 

Knowing about this settlement and lawsuit in detail will aid in understanding how much you might get as reimbursement and more. Also, it will aid in knowing if you are getting a part of the settlement fund. Also, you can stay up-to-date with details relevant to your claim by getting in touch with the agent. Hence, keep in touch with the status of this settlement by visiting


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